Get up!


RB quote-sbbtl

I love that this new year begins on a Monday. It makes it even more of a new beginning. I know that most consider Sunday the first day of the week, but Sunday is rest day to me. Mondays used to be dreaded, but no longer. It means a new day and a new week to accomplish our goals! Get up, show up, and never give up. And coffee always helps.

I start most of my days early so I can get in my morning devotion/quiet time and simply have some morning quiet to myself. Most mornings I count on twenty minutes or so of yoga, then breakfast prep. Next is coffee time with breakfast. Then we start our school day. However we have a few days left of everyone home for the holiday, so chores, to-dos, year-end reflection and 2018 goal setting were a big part of my day. So this quote is perfect for every single day, no matter if it is a typical day for us or a bit out of the ordinary.  #happynewyear #2018 #getup#showup #nevergiveup #coffeealwayshelps #newbeginnings #oola#2018goals