A Bit About Me


I’m Alisa and this is my little spot on the world-wide web. Here are some random things about me that you may or may not have known.


  • I majored in fashion design. This is something you would likely never guess from seeing me in my life role now. Or maybe ever. But I can sew and I made my own wedding dress. Oh, and I loved the movie, Pretty In Pink, more due to the fashion-design aspect than any other reason. So now I do what Andi did in the movie–fashion new things out of old things, but mostly for my daughter.
  • I used to hate the color orange. Now it’s my favorite. Pretty much anything citrusy in color is a piece of happy to me.
  • I love mid-century modern furniture and homes. I attribute this to my parents’ love for Scandinavian design before it was cool. However, my home will forever be eclectic (if that’s a decorating style.) (Oh, and I often wish I would have thought more practically and gone for interior design instead of fashion. Much translates though, so it’s all good.)
  • I’m from the Midwest and live in the Midwest now, but I spent 15 years in the South–Athens, GA, to be exact–and it has made a big impression on me. To share that part of me in everyday life, you will hear “y’all” come out of my mouth quite often. And when I say “all y’all”, people even think I’m from the South.
  • I homeschool my kids. And I enjoy it most of the time. I love the classical model, but we tend to be more of an eclectic mix of various models and learning styles because that is what works for us. I don’t like being confined by a box.
  • I am without a doubt a dominant right-brained person.  I generally have about an undetermined number of tabs open in my brain. I’m emotional and work hard to subdue my dramatic tendencies. As a pre-schooler, my aunt called me “Sarah Bernhardt” more than once. (She was a silent movie actress in case you didn’t know.)
  • My husband is left-brained dominant person. He needs processing time and says exactly what he thinks, nothing more or less. (While I read that to be much more.) I like to think we keep each other in check and balanced for the most part. And the other times we just drive the other person bonkers.
  • I love being active in my and my family’s journey to wellness. I am passionate about learning more and sharing with other. Relationships are my most valuable assets and one-on-one or one-on-three or four time with friends is my favorite.

One thought on “A Bit About Me

  1. Denise Kaiser says:

    Alisa- WOW!! Your kids are beautiful- and so big!! Time flies, doesn’t it!?! We love living in Clayton- but- it would be so much fun to still live across the street from you all!! How my kids would love spending time with yours! How I would love having another homeschooling mom so nearby and I could admire your crafts and sewing and cooking! I still remember your delicious pizza!!! We’re doing well- Richard has been involved in beginning a youth program for St. James Episcopal church in Clayton since September- and we are really enjoying the people of the parish and their involvement in helping others in the community! Nick is 15 -has his learner’s permit and is playing baseball for a Christian homeschool team -Gwinnett Barons, Carlin is 13 and Jessie is 10 and they are both involved in community theater and a group called KIDZ Create- singing and drama have replaced sports in the girls lives. We would love to see you all- if you want to take a field trip to the mountains- let us know. We will do the same if we come to Athens. So good to hear from you- we just got on Facebook- are you all on it? Our kids are trying to help us navigate all this technological stuff!!! You are an amazing mom- and I know Scott is a great dad!! You two are doing a wonderful thing by teaching your children and leaving a legacy of love!!!! Love, Denise

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