Little Gifts Monday, 4-11-16

It’s Monday again. I counted many beautiful gifts this past week. I shared some on Instagram, as I enjoy snapping pictures to keep me constantly reminded of this rich life I live. This gift is not so little anymore. Of course, he started out nearly 9 pounds, so maybe he was never a little gift! Nonetheless, he is a gift worth sharing.

bsmilecake-la quotidienne

This boy turned 13 last week. Even though he was born only yesterday. The first grand baby in the family on both sides. Now he shares the role of grandchild with seven others–none babies anymore. Most always does well at being a leader when they are all together, looking out for their needs first.

bblowcake-la quotidienne

The thought of having a teenager used to intimidate me, but now I know it’s just my same sweet boy, a year older. We take the good with the bad as we always have and learn along the way. He started out a blessing and will continue to be.

This one was an angel baby until he turned four. As in I don’t know that I ever had to tell him “no”; a simple re-direction was all it ever took. And then he was a “normal” four year old. The kind where you do have to tell them no sometimes. The kind where you do have to implement consequences. The kind where you can actually relate with other moms who have kids the same age as yours. And through all of that he continually brought us joy. Playing with trains hours on end. Now he reads model railroad magazines instead. He may not know for certain what he wants to do for a career, but he is confident that his hobby will be building model train layouts. He’s planning his first right now. Saving every dollar to go towards the materials. Spending many minutes problem solving every square inch of that layout to make sure it is the best use of space and money. It’s going to be amazing when he gets there.

bbdaycollage-la quotidienne

This boy wanted to make his own cake. Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. So he did. From scratch. Every bite was savored. And we were all grateful for the gift of this boy and who he is and who he is becoming. May he live his life fully as God created him to be.