Little Gifts Monday, 4-4-16

closepaledaffodil-la quotidienne

I had a hard time coming up with just one little gift to share this week. There were so many. Although these were taken a week prior, I had to share them because just looking at them again fills my heart and makes me smile. Nearly every year, no matter where I’ve lived, there have been daffodils. When it’s still cold and grey many days the leaves pop out of the ground, rich and green, and I wonder, “Really? Is it too early? Are they going to make it to bloom?” And then a few weeks go by. In the Midwest we might get a few glimpses of some sunny spring weather—and then, pop! The yard in its still brown, leftover-from-fall state gets a pop of color. Yellow. A happy color. God reassuring me that winter really won’t last forever, even if on occasion there are more cold days, even snow in some places. So it goes, and I must cut some and bring in my reminder that new life is still coming up from the ground. That the grey days won’t stay forever.

daffodilstilllife-la quotidienne

There are still some blooming in my yard. Some unique, old-fashioned type that my mom brought to me. Bright yellow with such a mound of petals that there is no trumpet in the center. Those make me think of those cool mornings before school when I took a bouquet on the bus to give to my teacher. This year it was my daughter who initiated the picking of the daffodil bouquet. A well-taught tradition, I must say.

closedaffodil-la quotidienne


“Joy’s a function of gratitude. And gratitude’s a function of perspective. Counting gifts changes my perspective—and my life.” -Ann Voskamp

What gift has changed your perspective?


Any thoughts?

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