Hello, Spring.

We had some amazing taste-of-spring weather in the last days of winter. My kids dug into the bottoms of their drawers to find their shorts and I ventured out without a coat. Then there was Saturday, the day before Spring. We actually saw a bit of snow. Nothing that covered the ground, but there was a chill in the air and it was not a picture of spring. Yesterday. The Day. No snow, but brrrr! The girly donned her April in Paris skirt with Eiffel Towers and umbrellas. I chose a sweater and jeans. I hate being cold.

springinparis-la quotidienne

However, the daffodils are in bloom, the Bradford Pear is flowering, and the grass is getting greener. And with some tickly noses and itchy eyes in the house we put this amazing blend of Young Living essential oils in the diffuser.

HelloSpring-la quotidienne

The weather looks as though we will get some truly spring days this week, but not without winter trying to nudge its cold nose back in the picture. But until the warmer days are a sure thing, we have our lemon, lavender, and peppermint to help us remember the season.

How do you celebrate Spring?


Any thoughts?

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