Gluten-Free Corn Tortilla Crackers

Corn Tortilla Crackers-la quotidienneTuesday dinners at our house mean tacos. (You know, Taco Tuesday, like in The Lego Movie.) So this past Tuesday, fish tacos were on the menu. You have to know we rarely buy tortillas. Because once you taste homemade flour tortillas, nothing compares. That night I didn’t want to figure out a gluten-free alternative in addition to the regular (read as I didn’t want to cook two different meals), so I decided to make corn tortillas. Except I didn’t have any masa harina. I did a little reading and decided to attempt an experiment–even though everything I read explained that making corn tortillas had to be done with dried hominy soaked in lime and that cornmeal or corn flour was not going to work as a substitute, I gave it a whirl anyway. This girl does not like to have to run to the store for just one ingredient. Make do or do without. My experiment: corn-oat flour tortillas. Yeah. That didn’t work so well. Google tried to tell me. I managed to fry maybe two the size of my pancake-turner before I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips to put onto the table. (Something we always have in our pantry.)

The corn-oat tortillas actually tasted delicious, even if they weren’t very tortilla like and broken into small pieces. Toasted with a hint of sweet. Once the family cleared the table, I rolled out the rest of the dough on a cookie sheet, scored it, and put some holes with a fork and baked it in the oven. And voilá! Gluten Free Corn Tortilla Crackers! My kids love them. With peanut butter. And I love them. With cheese. Plain. Yummo! Creativity and breaking the rules for the win in the kitchen this week.

Corn Tortilla Crackers Recette-la quotidienne

I used my mill to grind popcorn to make corn flour (which I’ve done before to make cornbread and it’s yummy). Bob’s Red Mill makes corn flour, which is finer than cornmeal. You could alternatively try cornmeal, although it may be too course. My mini food processor ground the rolled oats in a matter of 10 seconds.*


7 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Corn Tortilla Crackers

  1. Linda S says:

    Look at you! Inventing, or re-inventing in the kitchen – kudos! The crackers look yummy, so glad you didn’t give up.
    And now I need to try grinding some popcorn – I’m almost out of cornmeal so this might be a good way to make do!

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