Little Gifts Monday

In my recent post entitled Joy, I talked about counting my gifts. My gratitude journal. The gifts I count are usually simple. Little snippets of joy in my life. Reading aloud to my daughter. An unexpected hug from my oldest son. An fun drawing made in the margin of my younger son’s math workbook. Coffee in my favorite cup warming my hands. The sun shining in my dining room making my humble home in need of some updating (and actual flooring) feel as warm as some of the photos from home decor magazines.

Each Monday I will share one of these “little gifts” with you here and ask you to share one of yours. Some will have a story to go with it. Some might just be a snapshot of the “little gift” that brings me joy. I pray that each one of you may open your eyes to find just one “little gift” in your life today. This can be a challenge when you are in the throes of the challenges of life. But start small. Your eyes will start to open.

matryoshka-la quotidienne

These earrings. Matryoshka dolls from Russia. Gifted to me by a dear friend from college, who was also my Bible study leader. She gave several years of her life to spend in Russia (in the early 1990s), in St. Petersburg, to share the love of Christ and the gospel. And we shared a bit of what we had to support her. But that’s not the end of the story. In 2001 Hubby and I had the opportunity to go to the very same area of Russia and love on some sweet kids who lived in a special needs orphanage. Another dear friend from our church, our St. James family, blessed us with full financial support to make that trip, so that the remainder of the fund-raising we did helped others go with us. So these matryoshka doll earrings are not only colorful, making them a gift to count in and of themselves, but they are a gift because of the connection of hearts of people who don’t even know one another but are family because of the common bond of Jesus and a desire to share Him and his Love with others. So much more than a whimsical pair of earrings. They are a connection–pieces of loved ones heart worn for the world to see.

What is the little gift that has brought a glimpse of joy to your day?