Keeping the Bugs at Bay

Edited 1/4/2016.

Below is a DIY recipe for a bug-away spray that we used to help our cats. I came up with it after reading several articles and the Essential Oils Desk Reference. We also kept diatomaceous earth sprinkled around the periphery of the screened porch where the cats stay.

There are plenty of precautions out there regarding pets and essential oils. There are more regarding specifically cats and essential oils. God made their little bodies extremely sensitive to some essential oils. Another key to using essential oils with your pets is dilution due to their sensitivity and smaller size. And not at all least important is quality of the essential oil used, which is why I only recommend Young Living oils for this recipe. (Check out their Seed-To-Seal promise here.)

I used 1/2 cup of carrier oil. I chose a mixture of sunflower seed and grapeseed oil. I felt that they are a bit lighter oils than olive oil. I opted out of coconut oil since it won’t remain solid when it is at a cool temperature. Then I added 1 drop of lavender essential oil and 1 drop of cedarwood essential oil. I mixed them and poured it into a spray bottle. That’s it. Only 1 drop of each. Highly diluted, but still aromatic. And I’m looking forward to seeing it’s efficacy over the next several months.

antifleaspray-la quotidienne

To apply it to the cats, we sprayed 2 sprays on our hands, rubbed our hands gently together and pet the cat from head to tail in long strokes. We did the same with one more spray concentrating on the cats head, neck, and ear area. We plan to do this every other day for 1-2 weeks and then we will continue closer to once a week as we watch how it is working.

NOTE: This year we will use the oils diluted in water with a pinch of salt. This will keep the cats from sporting the greasy look. The salt helps the essential oils to disperse in the water.