Thieves Welcome Here

Not thieves of the stealing variety. Thieves. A blend of essential oils that we use daily here to help keep the germs away and boost our immune systems. We have stayed well most of this winter. We picked up a 24 stomach bug in November and sometime near the end of January a strong head cold cycled it’s way through our family. We used Thieves as often as we could remember on our feet and spines, in the diffuser, and internally (adults only). I feel that it helped to shorten the cold; we were all feeling mostly better in a few days. I did learn to keep up the heavy Thieves use even when I am feeling better. Because my cold tried to sneak back. Thankfully I realized that and changed my ways–and used my neti pot more. We used other essential oils to help us through that seasonal sickness, but there was certainly a Thieves theme. Tuesday morning McCance woke very congested. We applied the Thieves to his feet and spine several times that day and the next and before bed. We used Thieves in the diffuser and put it in his room at night. He gargles and swallows a bit of water with Thieves in it. (It is a “hot” oil. Like a red hot. He is the only one of my three who will ingest it. The others think it’s too hot.) He still has some congestion, but is certainly on the mend.


Thieves contains essential oils of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary. These ingredients were used based on a legend about a band of 15th century thieves–the actual stealing kind–used these herbs and spices and oils to protect themselves from getting the plague while robbing the homes of the dying and dead. At some point they were caught. They gave up their “secret formula” in exchange for a lighter sentence. Whether that story is true or not (I love a good story and would love to say it is.), I know that this blend of oils created by Gary D. Young works well for our family. We use it during cold season to help shorten seasonal illness, in our toothpaste, as an ingestable mouthwash, in our (homemade) hand sanitizer, in our hand soap and household cleaner, and even in tea. Get some today for your household!

And look! If you don’t have the time to DIY, Young Living has an entire Thieves line.

Are you ready to take the plunge to order a Premium Starter Kit? (It includes Thieves and a diffuser and so much more!) You can order here.  There are no strings attached–simply amazing oils. If you would like to try an oil or two, I place an order each month and am happy to share my discount. Comment below or email me.


Any thoughts?

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