A Weekend of Love

Valentine’s Day. Some say it’s a Hallmark holiday. But in reality it is the feast day of St. Valentine. A feast day of a saint is the day that person died. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who went against the command of Emperor Claudius the second, a persecutor of the church. This emperor declared an edict that prohibited young people from getting married, because it was believed that unmarried men would be better soldiers than married ones. Valentine wanted to encourage marriage between a man and a woman with a lifetime commitment within the church. So he performed marriages between young people in secret to honor Godly marriages– thus becoming the patron saint of lovers. (http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/ChurchandMinistry/churchhistory/st_valentine_the_real_story.aspx)  However the focus of Valentine’s day at our house tends to be on loving one another, making plenty of crafty things with hearts, and special meals.

Friday the kids and I were a part of our homeschool group’s Valentine’s day party. Nothing truly educational. Just pure fun. A lot like I remember Valentine’s day parties in my public school days. The kids made unique boxes for their Valentine cards and brought a card to give to each of the others. We had a craft table with all kinds of fun and pretty stuff to glue and stick and decorate and be creative. There was Valentine bingo, Guess the Number of M & Ms, and a balloon walk (like a cake walk, but you get a heart-shaped balloon when you land on the chosen number. And of course there were goodies to snack on.

Saturday morning my dear friend in Georgia texted me a photo of their breakfast complete with heart-shaped biscuits. Upon showing it to the Cora, she insisted we make some as well. So I got out my heart-shaped cookie cutter and we worked together to make these.


Later that afternoon, the kids and I worked together to produce a delicious meal and dessert. Scott chose the menu and we made Golden Bowl with Tofu from our well-loved cookbook from our favorite Athens, GA vegetarian restaurant. This stuff is comfort food at it’s finest. Even those hesitant to taste anything vegetarian, especially tofu, will likely be pleasantly surprised. McCance and Bradford chopped the veggies. I pressed and fried the tofu and made the gravy. Cora and Bradford mixed the ice cream ingredients and they all worked to start the ice cream maker. McCance mixed up the dough for our skillet cookie. and it was all so tasty that we didn’t even think to take pictures. This was what was left to photograph at the end of the meal.



As you can see, there is a strong connection between love and food at my house–and the act of preparing it. Which isn’t a bad thing. We must be nourished and work together. We enjoy our time around the table sharing joys and just talking. (And I don’t even recall a lot of reminders about manners at this particular meal!) And making a happy ending to our lovely and low-key Valentine’s weekend.


One thought on “A Weekend of Love

  1. apronstringsotherthings says:

    We celebrate with food at our house too! so many of our family traditions involve food. Wonder why that is? Skillet cookie looks so good, and who wouldn’t love it paired with homemade ice cream! Looks like a perfectly LOVEly day 🙂

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