Going “Light”

As I ramp it up a bit in my little business, we’ve made some tweaks to our homeschool day. The same kind of tweaks that we make when the holiday season comes upon on us or when we have visitors coming in town for the weekend and need to do some serious cleaning or when I have a project that I just can’t put off any longer. So we go barebones. Math. It’s a must. When my kids (and most kids) fall off of the math bandwagon, they get behind. Just math in the morning after all the other dailies–making bed, having a quiet time, brushing teeth and so forth–gives some routine to their day. And then we go from there. They might have some long-term projects and assignments that need to be finished. I might see that one person needs a bit more routine to his day and add some writing or grammar or history. I might see that they just needs some organized downtime. Spend 30 minutes creating something new with Legos. Get your sketch pad and continue working on that manga character. It’s reading time. Just read for at least 30 minutes. Choose a new piece of music and start learning the first line on the piano. And their favorite thing–exploring the world on Google Maps. It’s not a cop-out. They learn new stuff. And there is no airfare involved. These are fun things. They are different from sitting at the table doing assigned school work, but they still provide structure. This helps provide me time to focus on what I need to do, whether it be business, projects, cleaning or what have you. And they are still learning. Always learning. And I still am sure to record what they’ve done for the day so that I can keep track of hours. (In Missouri we count hours instead of days of school.) So, don’t let your to-do list stress you out just because you are homeschooling. It’s okay to relax things. Even when your kids need that routine. I’m home with them because I love being with them. When I’m stressed because my list is a mile long and I still have to make sure that my kids are pumping out the academic stuff, I get irritable. I don’t want them to remember me as the grumpy mom who was always distracted and stressed. This will mean more to them than me sticking to strict academic standards every. single. day. That independence and relaxed routine is markedly important.

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