Sharing the Love

#2A These Oils RockI started using Young Living essential oils about a year ago. My friend, Michelle, told me about a blend of oils that Young Living makes that really helped to encourage her kids as they worked on school work at home. Through her I bought some Valor and our homeschool days filled with more confidence and fewer frustrations. Not long after that, I came down with the flu. You know the one. You’re shivering and no number of blankets gets you warm. You sleep for hours and getting up to get water feels like you’ve started full-force in Crossfit. Michelle sent me some samples of Thieves, this fabulous blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary. I diluted the Thieves with some olive oil and put it on my kids’ feet. All the while camping out on the couch, so as not to infect my dear husband. My 10-year old took charge of cooking. Michelle had also included some lemon essential oil samples and I used the lemon oil diluted on my spine to ease my fever. In the end, I was the only one who got sick. I attribute it to plenty of hand washing and avoiding contact with the well, but strongly feel that the Thieves had something to do with it, simply because that has never. ever. happened. before. Five people pass stuff. They just do. And last year they didn’t.

Shortly thereafter, I had some “bonus” money and took the plunge to purchase the Premium Starter Kit and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been soaking up all I can learn about these oils and this fabulous company full of integrity. (Check out their Seed To Seal series of videos here.) Quality trumps everything. They choose to go out-of-stock before resorting to using anything slightly less than the highest quality. Safety is of utmost importance as well (which you can also see on the Seed To Seal site.)

NOTE: When I talk about essential oils from here on out, I am only referring to Young Living essential oils.  They are the only ones we use because of the Seed To Seal Promise.

I will be sharing my love for these oils here. If you want to learn more, contact me. I enjoy teaching a local class as often as it is needed. My wonderful team also offers 101 classes on Facebook.  I can talk with you one-on-one on the phone or locally. When you are ready to sign up and purchase a Premium Starter Kit (see the graphic below to see what comes in that kit), contact me here and I will see that you have all the right information to sign up. I will also walk you through the process.



Any thoughts?

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