Jumping Back In

It’s been ages since my last post. I got on here about a week into the new year to jump back in, but got overwhelmed with all the changes I wanted to make and the aesthetics of the blog and just put it all back down. Now I’m back! My plan is to write a bit each week and gradually work on changes here. I hope to be a bit more focused, although I’m not making a full-fledged promise on that since there are so many things I love and love to share.

A new year always brings a new start. Not that any day in the year is not good for a new start, but that huge clean slate out there seems to be attractive to many people. Me included. My main “resolution” (using that loosely) is that I can get out real, snail-mail birthday and anniversary cards to my family. This is likely something that many of you do automatically, but I’m not really a planner, as much as I love a brand new yearly calendar/planner/notebook/sticky note pad, etc. So the birthday comes up on my calendar and it’s a miracle if that person gets a birthday greeting via phone call or on Facebook. So I got together cards ahead of time and addressed envelopes through all of my April birthdays. So far, so good, but there has only been one.

I have no word or motto for 2015, as seems to be “the thing” to do. I’m just trying to hang on to the best parts of my routine (which is something that I generally tire of after some time–in the way that I simply need to switch things up after so long) a week at a time. I’m still in the place where my clean, pretty, new planner is keeping me on it. My pantry is still neat and organized from before Christmas in anticipation of family visiting. We started back on schoolwork with a full schedule this week and aside from a few glitches, we are moving forward. I’m working on getting down some goals on paper, specifically related to my little business that mixes with my love of essential oils and sharing them. Getting goals on paper, apparently, is key to accomplishing one’s goals. So bring it on, 2015.



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