My Little Party Planner

Girly’s birthday is coming up. Because she says she’s going to be 6 soon. Soon is April. It might be here before we know it, but in reality that is 3 months away. However Girly will be ready. She has decided she wants a bunny-themed birthday party. Not a Frozen, a Pretty Pony, a Barbie, or any other syndicated-type theme. So her mama is also excited and ready to plan with her. (I have nothing against the Disney or other syndicated-type theme parties. We’ve been to two Frozen birthday parties this past year and have had nothing but a Frozen blast! I just enjoy being a bit different.) When we moved here from Georgia several years ago, my best party-planning partner didn’t move with us. We still share ideas over the phone and Pinterest for our kids’ parties, but we both miss the camaraderie and challenge of the DIY party. Not to mention licking the bowl from the cake batter. I miss you, Leslie, but now we have our girls as party planning partners!

So far she has made some invitations. Independently from me. She drew her own bunny on each of them. As much alike as she could. So I’ve filed those in the Party Planning section of my Home Binder so they won’t be lost. (I really want to share them here, but I will refrain until spring so the guests can see them first.)

And then we did what all party planners in this day and age do–search Pinterest! Since bunnies are often used for Easter celebrations and themes there were no shortage of bunny party ideas. So far we are thinking about a Pin The Tail On The Bunny, a bunny piƱata, and a bunny bean-bag toss. Snack suggestions were many, but the bunny snacks of carrot sticks were my favorite idea. She found several ideas for bunny cakes and plans to use our bunny stuffed animals for decorations. If you come across any great bunny party idea Pins, send them to me! Meanwhile if you are looking for some ideas for your next celebration, feel free to peruse my party idea Pinterest board.