A Roman Shade

I did it.  I finished a project that had intimidated me from the beginning.  One down, five to go.  Cora’s room has one window, so I started there.  The boys’ room has two windows.  They have chosen their fabric and their room is nearing completion (finally).  So I am ready to tackle the next two and they should go much more quickly than the first one.  Then I can calmly work on our three windows one at a time.

I found a gazillion tutorials through Pinterest and regular searches.  None were identical.  I chose the old-fashioned method and checked out a book from the library that had pictures. I could read through it 50 times before starting.  The hardest part for me was being confident that I had measured correctly.  Measure 5 times, cut once.  Because when I measure only twice, my outcome often is not as good as the saying goes.  I love to sew and I can follow directions, but sometimes the preciseness overwhelms my right-brained self.  I’m the designer, not so much the engineer.  But a little encouragement from a friend and help from Mr. Detail when it came time to hang it and I have finished it.  It keeps out enough light that it’s dark enough for a nap, but is not a black-out shade.


photo copy


Any thoughts?

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