My Project

The entire South side of the house, next to the main driveway, is a flower bed.  After all of the rainy blessings from the spring and one yellow iris had bloomed, the weeds–crown vetch, sow thistle, and more– were in abundance.  Something had to be done.  So I set out to do it.  Started with getting the weeds out.  Which for some reason was all I thought would be required of me.  Scott even helped one night.  After dark.  With his hat light about which I had previously given him a hard time because I thought it was dorky.  No more.  He harvested much of the sow thistle, root and all, with the assistance of that hat.  I am ever grateful.

Well, then came time to trim the bush back.  It was taking over the steps to the porch which leads to the front door.  A viburnum of some type.  I got fed up.  I decided I would cut it all the way back like I had done our holly bushes in Georgia.  That alone took me about 3 hours.  Then after that point I discovered that the one original bush, which seemed all too close to the house to begin with, had spread into 4 bushes.  So now I’m in the process of digging all of them up and starting from scratch.


The 4 bush stumps



You can see the bush stumps here, the rampant and crowded iris and the weeds that have not yet been cleared.

Thanks to several friends who know more than I do about plants (Thank you so much, Christine and Chantelle!) I have a list of perennials that can fill this bed and make it lovely and new.  I will dig up the iris and replant some of them and move others elsewhere.  Thank you to Linda for bringing me an abundance of starter plants to put into the bed.  They are currently waiting in pots to be transferred when it is finally ready.  The plan is to cover the already weeded sections with newspaper (sheet mulch to all of you gardening types) to keep it under control as I work.  I think that is my next step.  Scott will have to do the muscle work of removing the rest of the bushes.

I’m working on the other end of the bed now, which is currently somewhat under control and filled with sedum that is blooming.  However several inches below is a layer of black plastic which I want to remove.  So in that process I will have to take out what is there and put it back when I am done.  As I was working last weekend, I also discovered a rock collection mostly buried in the soil.  Rocks the-size-of-gallon-containers-type rocks.  The boys helped me haul them to a storage spot–about 5 wagon loads.  I might use a few in amongst the sedum and we will use the others in another landscaping adventure.


This is just the beginning of the rock treasures I found. And I don’t think my treasure hunting is done yet.

I am mustering up the energy and courage to work on this project tomorrow morning–when it is cool outside.


Any thoughts?

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