Adventures With Only Two

Last Saturday while Scott and McCance were at camp, Bradford and Cora and packed our day.  We got up early to make it to a garage sale of a local homeschooler so we could get her used copy of Five In A Row Holidays, the literature-based curriculum Cora and I will be doing together in the fall.  At 10 we walked down the street to our local community college where they held Art On The Block.*  We watched a man work with clay using his pottery wheel.  (Well, he and I actually chatted about Athens, GA and rain barrels while he worked.)  Bradford and Cora had an opportunity to create with clay which will be fired and returned to them in the fall.  They put together an animal mask, decorated a cookie, listened to a jazz band, made a spatter/drizzle painting (think Jackson Pollock), grafitti painted a car, tie-dyed a shirt, made sidewalk chalk, and did a chalk drawing on the sidewalk.  Cora also did a finger painting.  It was so much fun.  We walked home for lunch shortly before it ended, exhausted.


Cora ponders before finishing her clay piece.


She carefully chose and applied the glaze colors to her bowl.


Cora the Elephant sees stars.


They worked side by side on their chalk drawings.


Bradford planned his out once we found out it was an activity.


Cora went with an abstract design with plenty of “white” space.


I think he was considering the shape of Australia here. He knew it wasn’t quite right and we had a lengthy discussion about it.


Title: Waves of Fire, Waves of Blue”


Cora’s Pollock painting. Bonus–the colors are perfect for her room.


More Pollock paintings (left is mine and right is Bradford’s) displayed in my laundry room



If we go next year, I’m doing one for me. (I did one for McCance this time.)
Clockwise from top: Bradford’s, McCance’s, and Cora’s

I worked in the yard while the two kiddos played outside making mud cookies and all sorts of summery play.  It made me so happy to hear these honey bees buzzing as they gathered pollen from the sedum.


*The linked article is actually from last years event, but you get the idea.


Any thoughts?

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