More science fun today.  The bonus was the kids finished the Skittles and some M & Ms when the “experiment” was over.

The first thing we did was watch the S’s of the Skittles and the M’s of the M & M’s float.  According to Loralee Leavitt, it is because the edible ink doesn’t dissolve like the rest of the candy.  The instructions for doing this and other candy experiments can be found on her blog, Candy Experiments.

Only one of the M's actually surfaced.  We could see pieces of the others.

Only one of the M’s actually surfaced. Can you see it near the bottom left corner?

And here are the Skittles.  The S is . Oh, and note the rainbow water.

And here are the Skittles. The S is at the top center floating over that Skittle . Oh, and note the rainbow water.

The next Skittles experiment didn’t go as smoothly for us in the end.  Good thing the first part was so enthralling.

Look at those vibrant colors!

Look at those vibrant colors!


Ms. Leavitt states that Skittles are advanced.  Apparently we aren’t that advanced yet.  We should have used Nerds.  Great.  However, the kids enjoyed it as you can see they even climbed on the table to be sure to get into the action.




Oops.  It looks like I forgot to snap that last photo.  The one of the failed experiment.  The idea was to carefully pour each cup of the colored sugar water into one clear glass and you would be able to clearly see the layers of color for a short time.  We managed to get purple in the bottom and added blue and then green, apparently not slowly or carefully enough because the water more resembled the muddy lake water across the street than any sort of rainbow.  But that’s part of it.  Sometimes we can’t replicate it exactly and our results are not the same as the original.  In this case no one was gravely disappointed.  I know because the Skittles were gone before we finished cleaning up.



Any thoughts?

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