Science Fun & Accountability

After my latest and quite windy post, I thought it would be wise and helpful to post our day’s or week’s special activities.  Since this week went by in a whirlwind and I already shared about the Lego Challenge group, I only know for certain that we did a fun, science-related activity this afternoon.  Beyond that I can’t guarantee that we did or did not do anything else fun or exciting.  And I’m not getting the boys out of bed to check with them because they have finally settled down and are quiet.

It is not a true science experiment, but it involved making the “packets”, pouring, shaking, and best of all an explosion of fizzy goodness–so the kids loved it.  (Well, not my babysitting kiddo.  That’s him crying in the background.  Poor little guy was getting a bit hungry.)  The original, full set of instructions can be found at All Things Beautiful.

NOTE:  There is a video forthcoming.  YouTube has not been cooperating with me this weekend for whatever reason and Vimeo has declared my grossly homemade and very short videos are too small to be considered a video by their site.  So phooey on that technology and here are some basic pics.


Look at the joy as he watches it explode!


The remains


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