This Is What It Is All About

Water.  We take it for granted here.  I ran a bath for my 3 year old this morning.  She really didn’t need one, but I knew it would bring some calm and quiet into our morning so I didn’t hesitate.  Neither did I hesitate to run the water down the drain until it was the right temperature.  And to get a drink at our house, you just press your glass into the front of the freezer and voila!  We think nothing of it.   Up until recently anyway.  Now, thanks to our friend, Ryan McRae, I do consider my drink and how it is more of a luxury than I will ever fully comprehend.

“Because 800 million people do not have access to clean water. 800 million.”  Math is not my strength.  But I do know 800 million is a whole lot of people.  A whole lot of people to not be able to safely get a drink from a well (let alone a refrigerator in their home) or to brush their teeth without getting sick.

“How can I help?” you ask.  charity:water–Every dollar donated goes towards building wells in sub-Saharan Africa so that clean water is easily accessible.  So for less than your Starbucks, Jittery’s, or Coke, you can help provide water *and* get an amazing e-book of haikus written by a man who is willing to step out of his comfort zone, encourage others, and make people laugh.  (All wonderful qualities if you ask me.)



Any thoughts?

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