Sewing For The Girly

A few of the Christmas gifts I made for The Girly this past holiday.



Tea bags for her kitchen.  Her babies love to drink tea.  Now I really want to get her a kid tea set, although I don’t think she’d care.


Meg has her own sleeping bag and pillow now.  I considered a separating zipper as the tutorial called for, but then decided on fudging on a regular one to avoid helping The Girly fasten it each time. (Not to mention I already had a regular one that was long enough.)  I believe I made a great choice because. . .


I also attached ribbons so it could be rolled and tied like a real sleeping bag–and, for some reason, I failed to consider the fact that she can’t tie a knot and bow yet.  So I still have to help her with it.

All that said, she goes in spurts playing with her “girly” stuff and the boys’ favorite toys.  Right now she’s all about the blue track for the Matchbox.  The three of them have it set up to race the cars down the stairs.  The other day she asked to have the Lincoln Logs out and directed B to build the train track and all the buildings in the town.  She is slowly becoming pretty adept at Legos as well.   Of course.  Or she wouldn’t really be their sister.


Any thoughts?

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