Learning Grammar

The kids had had a basic knowledge of grammar for some time.  Some of our friends help make this wonderful grammar musical, so-to-speak, several years ago, called Grammar Jammar.  However, I wanted them to have the complete picture.  I chose the Shurley English curriculum (3rd grade level, which is right in between both boys) for this school year.  It’s major strength–being very thorough–is also it’s greatest weakness–being extremely tedious.  Mr. Detail has agreed to go through it with me and help pare it down so we can get through the necessary parts and learn them well while avoiding to much repetition and too many tedious worksheets.  However one part the kids, even Girly, love about the curriculum is the jingles they provide to help learn the parts of speech and their purpose.  (Some have a known tune to which to sing them.  The rest the boys make up, which is really fun for them.)

This is the one about verbs.

This is the one explaining a preposition and a prepositional phrase.

They enjoy our history/social studies most of all.  We use Story of the World, Volume 2.  I love it just as much as they do and learn so much.  (I recall U.S. History Before and After 1865 over and over.  And French history, but beyond that my history knowledge is very basic.  So I’ve learned a lot with this world history from the beginning overview.)

Next year I’m going back to my previous method where I write their assignments and they do them independently.  Obviously I will give them any necessary lessons and help them as needed, but this year the curriculum I chose in nearly every subject requires me to be on 100% of the time and that exhausts me and doesn’t teach them the independence that I want them have.  It was a necessary thing this year since last school year was so random and we were uprooted several times.


Any thoughts?

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