Keeping Up

I cannot keep up.  I have a gazillion ideas, activities, thoughts to blog and since the time I have is generally in small increments, getting here to blog gets moved down on the list over and over.  So instead of trying to fully catch up, I came here today to post some pictures and short descriptions of our life since last fall, when I think it was that I last posted.
Mr. Detail built a fire pit in the backyard. We tested it once before it got too cold. We had plans to roast Trader Joe’s hot dogs. The boys even researched how to build a fire and got it all ready for Mr. Detail to light when he came home–and it rained.
Our intensely used walnut veneer dining table went from this . . .
to this!
I actually need to perfect it by sanding, re-painting, and putting a coat of poly on.  Durability is key here.
Our church put on an amazing Drive Through Bethlehem to share the Christmas story with the community.  This was our group’s contribution.  It was the ironic one–the inn where Mary and Joseph get turned away.  And sweet Mary gives birth where no Western woman would even consider.
St. Nicholas Day was cheerfully celebrated by filling the kids’ huge, handmade stockings.  (A cherished gift from my high school French and German teacher.)
We continued our tradition of building gingerbread houses, but this time we used Trader Joe’s graham crackers (no HFCS and pure yumminess!) and homemade royal icing.  Little Man completed his with a Lego figure.  He said she was the architect who designed the house.
When Mr. Detail started on a quick project right before Christmas, he found this.  Quick project = two week job.
So the simple task of removing adjustable shelving and then the paneling that covered the drywall in the school area also included ripping out the drywall due to mold from a shower that leaks.  And notice the duct–how it stops two feet from the ceiling, no where near the vent.  That was repaired.  I am thankful for a handy husband and father-in-law who came a day early to assist with the job.
Christmas day came, along with Grandma and Grandpa H and a trunk load of gifts, which is the highlight of any 3 1/2 year old’s day.  Everything about Christmas was a delight and joy to this girly.  She is now very confused about Saint Nicholas, whom we celebrate, and Santa, who we don’t–but they still enjoy The Polar Express, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and the like.  And to make things more challenging, Santa–one with a real beard and a kind demeanor–showed up at the library Storytime.
Our school table looked like this over the Christmas break, as that is where we emptied the shelves when the paneling was removed and havoc broke loose.
The semi-final results were worth all the extra work.  I don’t refer to my husband as Mr. Detail for nothing.  I will unshelve everything once again when the school year ends to paint the shelves.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Up

  1. Leslie Seuser says:

    Your Mr. Detail is a cabinet-making genius! Beautiful shelves!! Thanks for sharing the pictures…even the messy table. To tell you the truth, that looks more like a table you would find in my house, not yours! 🙂

    I’m glad you found some time to blog yesterday. Hope to see more inspiring posts soon.

  2. Kimberly Daly says:

    The make overs are looking great! As always, your place is coming together – just to fit your needs perfectly. I will always remember the place in Athens and what a great job you guys did to fix it up. Love y’all!

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