Random and Belated Sharing, Part 3

Introducing the newest member of our household–

This kitten came to live with us a week ago today.  The previous Friday she had been found (presumably dumped) at our local dog shelter (dogs only, no cats).  She is such a good kitten–snuggles, plays, goes in her box, eats well, is independent, yet social.

We had a time coming up with a name for her.  We had a lot of good ones floating around as options, but none that all  four of us could agree upon.  (Girly thankfully kept her 3 year-old opinions reserved for what clothes she wanted to wear and food she was going to eat.)

Several years ago, the kids and I had the opportunity to meet a woman through our homeschool co-op in Georgia who has authored a handful of books.  Her name is Jenny L. Cote.  The children’s series she is currently working on (The fourth book is coming out in four days!) has two main characters, Max and Liz, based on Jenny’s own pets, a Scottish terrier and a black cat, who go through time via wonderful storytelling based upon history and, well, you must look into reading them.  Even if you are no longer a child.  They are simply delightful, sometimes silly, and sometimes greatly thought-provoking.

Knowing that story you might guess–correctly–that our new kitten is now called Cote, after one of our favorite authors.