Random and Belated Sharing, Part I

I was talking with a dear friend today on the phone and realized how belated I was in sharing so many of our latest accoutrements.  First up is my version of the “Family Rules Board,” of which I had seen so many variations.  First I found an old cabinet door from our basement storage area.  I had in mind to use the citrus colors that I’ve used to bring some brightness to our living room area so I painted the frame of the door in tints of orange–cadmium orange to be precise.  (Love cadmium orange.)  Then I did the background in all citrus tints.  It kind of reminds me of sherbet–lime, lemon , and orange swirled.  Yum.  (After all it does hang in the dining room.)  Next I picked a random font and attempted to be consistent throughout.  Didn’t nail it, but I am content with it.  I think it gives it more character than had I used an actual computer-generated font–and I love to hand-letter things.  For the first letter in each word, I took my collection of paint chips that I have collected over the years (Yes.  Years.  If something might be useful in making art, I keep it.) and cut out the letter so each “rule” would have a different colored first letter and some texture, then used Modge-Podge to put it onto the wood.  Then I’d finger more over the top of the cut letter.  As you see, I can’t write in a straight line to save my life, but that is me–and it’s my painting/sign.  Days later when I finished, Mr. Detail sprayed a glossy coat of laquer over the entire piece.  It helped to seal the hand-cut letters.  Once that dried, I hot-glued our last name, using old print block letters that we had had for ages, to the top of the frame.  (I was so excited to do a project in which I could actually use those letters!)

The best part was that the boys had helped make the list of “rules” for the sign.  We probably had double the number of “rules” on the original list, but we all contributed to cutting it down to the essentials.  And since this is in the dining room, I do believe that it has helped the boys in improving their table manners and general, overall manners towards others as they see and read it everyday.  Often we talk about one or more of the “rules” during dinner as well.

If you are interested in something similar, let me know in the comments section or email me at alisapage@gmail.com.  You can talk about what size, material, colors, etc.  you are thinking of and all the details.  I’d love to work with you.

Coming tomorrow. . . the story of our school table.


Any thoughts?

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