A Piece of Paper and An Ounce of Sanity

This past holiday weekend threw me off.  Threw everything off.  Our whole family, our rhythm, the whole shebang.  In the scheme of things it wasn’t huge.  But in my little world it was crazy.  Beyond our usual crazy.

It all started with a mouse.  In our Pilot.  And it wouldn’t leave.  Tuesday morning came and it was still happily residing in there with some lovely paper towels–and 10 traps.  After envisioning Mousey sneaking out from her hiding place and zipping through the vehicle as Mr. Detail drove down the highway to work with the carpooling school nurse in the passenger seat, then swerved only to crash into some random sign or simply the ditch, I nearly begged him to take the van and leave us without a vehicle.  An hour later I panicked.  The boys had a doctor’s appointment at 3 that day.  Something that had been in my mind for several weeks, posted on the fridge, in my iCalendar and so on.  But the fact that Tuesday, the day after the Labor Day holiday and September 4th were all one day in one block of time somehow escaped me.  Likely due to my imagination and the mouse.  So after a lot of arranging for a plan B, Mr. Detail was able to leave early so that he could drive us to the appointment, thus avoiding a fee.
All that said, I decided that sometimes paper is just best.  I love my iPod.  Love it.  Love my Mac too.  But they can only keep me so organized unless I set off all kinds of alarms–and then become a walking, beeping, buzzering person who can’t figure out which way is up.  I have implemented my sanity sheet to keep my days which are packed or which I need to accomplish a lot in order.  I doubt I will print one 365 days a year, but that’s the freedom in it.  I only have to be completely sane when I choose.  That first crazy afternoon I used one via Pinterest that caught my eye.  Then later I saw another with some different headings that I also liked.  I combined them and made my own.  (Lamenting the fact that my days using Pagemaker–or any other graphic artsy type program–are gone the entire time.  I used Pages, which is a Mac equivalent to Word and didn’t always do stuff quite how I wanted to.)  I didn’t take the time to download any of the lovely fonts I’ve pinned.  I just used what I had and, well, we’ll see how well it works as these last weeks in September pick up in weekly activities and such.
If you like the idea of my sanity sheet, but don’t have any children with these names, don’t calculate credit hours since you don’t homeschool and don’t blog, I made a few alterations and, voilà, here is someone else’s sanity sheet that you should be able to print.  (I simply clip it to a clipboard.  The downside is that the date and day is a bit high and gets covered by the clip.)


2 thoughts on “A Piece of Paper and An Ounce of Sanity

  1. Leslie Seuser says:

    I love your “sanity sheet.” The only thing that would make it better is to have an anchor verse at the top. 🙂 But, the real question I have is whether you ever caught that pesky mouse. I hope she is gone.

  2. Alisa Howen says:

    She’s dead. For my daily highlights, like mouse catching, just sign into FB, friend. 😉 If I wasn’t using Pages or rather I knew how to manipulate within the program, I would.

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