Pinterest, aka-a new kind of crazy

Over a year ago my friends started mentioning something called Pinterest.  I ignored my curious thoughts for several months, but when Mr. Detail moved to Missouri and I became a temporarily single parent who was getting a house ready to put on the market, I asked for a Pinterest invite and used it as a place to “pin” ideas for our future home.  That way they were accessible, but weren’t cluttering my brain (so I thought) or my house.

Fast forward 13 months, 45 boards, and 3, 137 pins later.  (And compared to many those numbers are pretty low.)  I daydream–obsess, perhaps is more accurate–about sub-categorizing, re-organizing, and sometimes even using all of the Pins I’ve accumulated.  I had one category for items related to home (Home is Where The Heart Is).  Well, my kitschy title isn’t going to last.  I’ve broken it down to include nearly every room in the house, the walls, and do-it-yourself projects.  And sub-categorizing isn’t an option with Pinterest at this point, so my original qualification for using it–a limited and reasonable number of boards so I could stay on top of things–has gone out the window.  And my addiction/obsession with organizing or reorganizing (which, by far, trumps cleaning on my homemaker to-do list) has now spilled over into the virtual world.

Next up is Yummy, my food/recipe board.  I’ve already added kitchen tips, for those things that aren’t truly a recipe, but something I want to remember to do the next time I bake a cake or need to substitute an ingredient.  So I’ve added tried it and liked it and not so much to classify the Pinterest recipes that I have indeed tried and liked or not.  To add to that, I’ve tried to make these two boards like my own recipe review area, so as not to blog about every single thing I cook.  Not that I do, but in my mind I certainly would love to.  Either in the caption or the comment section I type my general thoughts on the recipe–who liked it, why, if I thought it was worth making again and so on.  Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”  I love to cook, but I love to eat too.  Eat good food, thus if you are on Pinterest–come!  Follow me.  Alisa N Scott Howen.  I’m one of the best people, after all.


Any thoughts?

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