Random and Belated Sharing, Part II

Friday in our neighborhood is garbage day.  Often people put their trash and recycle out the afternoon or evening before.  Sometimes this includes a large item they no longer want–usually because it’s ready for the trash.  However, in my mind I get the idea that maybe someone has no idea what they are putting into the trash.  (Perhaps it’s from the experience of a past neighbor who, among other things, included the following items in his trash that were put to good use being in only very gently used condition–a coffee maker, a set of queen sheets, about 10 white towels.)

Well, I spotted a table.  And we needed a new school table–a table of the all-inclusive type on which to “do school,”  our lessons, work, artwork, crafting, reading and playing games.We had been generously gifted a round card table, which we had used as a school table last spring, but with 4 people at it along with all of our books, we outgrew it quickly.  And the new school year was drawing closer.

I drove home and excitedly told Mr. Detail about the table, asking him to do a “drive-by.”  He took his Pilot with the seats down–just in case, so he was ready to appease his crazy wife.  And came home with–a table.  Plain wood-finish (not what I consider real wood), but a table big enough for school.

Well, you know that isn’t the end of the story.  Mr. Detail checked over the table and ended up ditching the top and using the legs for a new top.  I painted it white and we are in business now!

And Mr. Detail did some detailed thing (that I cannot and don’t desire to describe) to the modern lamp hanging on the screened in porch to convert it to a normal ceiling light fixture.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but here is a picture to get the idea.

And lastly for today, a 6th birthday gift I painted for my sweet, wonderful, initial-sharing niece–