Bowling for Dollars–I mean fun!

*Apologies for the fuzzy pictures.  I had the camera on the wrong setting and many came out unclear.  At $30 for two games of bowling and shoe rental for 5 of us, I knew we wouldn’t be returning in the near future just to get clear pictures.  So use your wonderful imaginations.

We took the kids bowling last week.  We had talked about doing it since we moved.  Seeing that Mr. Detail was to start back to school (He’s a public school teacher.) soon, we thought we better pack it in.  There is no time like the present.

I didn’t realize they made tiny bowling shoes!

The first game we played without bumpers–those bars they put up so kids don’t get a gazillion gutter balls.  It had been nearly 17 years since I bowled.  That is the only excuse I have for Cora beating my awful score of 51.  We all improved the second game.  That was the game we asked for the bumpers to go up, but in actuality they weren’t really the reason for our improvement in most of the frames.  We all just improved.  Scott was still the winner.  I kept telling him he should go on Bowling for Dollars for our budget boost.

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Any thoughts?

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