Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Our kids experienced their first professional baseball game last weekend.  I remembered how much I enjoy watching baseball when it’s right there.  Watching on television is not the same.  At all.  (I know this because the game had been on the night before and I found myself purposely avoiding the television.)  Our seats were in the highest level, but they were almost directly behind homeplate.  That made it a little easier to forget the 100 degree temps of the afternoon and early evening.

B is all about baseball.  Loves to play (backyard style) and each time there was a Little League game, he asked (hopefully) to walk across the street to watch.  He also enjoys watching on television with his Grandpa H–unlike his mama.  He took it all in and truly watched the game.  It was a pleasure watching him calmly and happily enjoying the game.

I think Little Man would’ve preferred to be out on the field running around.  He liked it and followed occasionally, but was exceedingly full of energy that night.  He sat well for the last several innings, perhaps because he was actually tiring out.

Girly enjoyed it as much as a 3-year old can enjoy a baseball game.  She seat hopped and asked to get a drink of water about once an inning.  She’s a pro-people watcher, so she was able to enjoy her hobby that night, too.

My favorite part was the interviews they did with former players.  It was a night that they focused on the 1982 World Series win (30 years ago).  Oh, and since I haven’t mentioned where we saw this game, you should now realize the only team I really count worth watching is the St. Louis Cardinals.  1982 was one year that I actually followed Cardinals’ baseball fairly closely, so I was pretty excited when they had interviews (live on the screen) with Tito Landrum, Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Whitey Herzog and several others.  Any other year, any other team and I would have been clueless and bored.  Mr. Detail and I had not been to a Cardinals game since before we were married, nor had we been to the new Busch Stadium, so it was an adventure for us as well.

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