Addaxes, Mealworms, and Takins

Where do you see these things–all in one location?  The St. Louis Zoo, of course.  The day after the ball game we returned to St. Louis to enjoy the zoo.  A family favorite.  We parked on the other side of the art museum in Forest Park and walked, pushing the stroller.  Girly was glad to have her wheels on that hot day even though she did walk a good deal.  She also was able to get a cat nap since we had it.

B and Little Man had looked at the zoo’s website before we went because originally I was going to drop the three male members of the family off at Six Flags in the morning and Girly and I were going to go off and do our own thing.  I had determined that our own thing would be the zoo until we needed a break from the heat.  Then we’d walk over to the art museum.  Well. . . the other three concluded that they would all rather go to the zoo together than Six Flags.  For this I was thankful.  I wouldn’t have to drive an hour to drop off and pick up and we could just spend our last day of our mini-vacation together.

While perusing the website, B was extremely interested in the map.  No surprise.  He’s been studying and reading maps since he was 5 or so.  Therefore, we appointed B the “Zoo Guide”.  He decided where to go and how to get there.  It was very pleasant not having to take on that extra job.  I just followed and took some pictures and enjoyed.

I took some pictures and then Little Man Photographer took over that job for me.  He shared when I asked, but we really enjoy his perspective and seeing him have so much fun photographing the animals and his surroundings was wonderful.

One of the highlights was the Butterfly House.  I had never been in the one there, previously.  Perhaps it was built since the last time I visited.  Nonetheless, Little Man was taken with it.  He held a pose like this in hopes of a butterfly landing on him.  None did, but he was persistent and refused to be disappointed.

Here is a selection of some of the photos that Little Man and I took.  Enjoy!

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