Won’t You Sing With Me?

The Girly asked to do an “activity” this morning.  I have a bag of various games/activities appropriate for pre-schoolers that I helped to make assembly-line-style with some other homeschooling moms when McCance was this age.  This is one I chose for her.  She had to line up the letters in alphabetical order.  I helped her by starting her singing her alphabet each time to determine which letter came next.  She identified that letter from the mixed-up pile and placed it in the line.  She was on a roll until she got to “U”.

Pretty typically she got the “U” and the “W” mixed-up, but when I started to say the letter name she caught on and corrected the mistake.

And for the grand finale, The Girly will perform most of The Alphabet Song for you.  Sideways!


Any thoughts?

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