Simple Adventure and Togetherness

Yesterday.  The epitome of why I love summer.  Especially in our new Midwest location.

I got up about 6:30.  Fed and walked the dog–around the short loop in the park that is an extension of our front yard.  It was 65 degrees and no breeze.  The lake shimmered like glass.  I wish I could share, but the only thing I had with me was my little phone which does not have wireless.  So you have to just imagine.  Clear sky.  Sparkling, still water.  Sun just right in the sky.  Air crisp and cool.  (So much so that I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt.)  So I could walk fast like I prefer and said dog was enjoying the faster pace.

Got home.  The family was all up by 8:15 or so.  Little Man is the one who tends to “catch up on sleep” in the morning, so we were letting him do that.  Ate breakfast together.  Then pulled our bikes from their resting spot in the basement and rode to the nearby playing fields, perhaps a little over a mile or so there.  Perfect temp for bike riding.  Not too hot.  Just the right amount of breeze.  Sun shining.  Girly in her seat on the front of my bike.  Little Man taking the lead even though he has only one gear on his bike.  B riding close to his daddy who is keeping a steady pace.  Lovely.  Stopped at the playground near the fields for 30 minutes or more.  Mr. Detail and I actually sat in the shade and had a conversation thanks to the independence of our three ring circus.  And then rode home.

Little Man and I baked a blueberry muffin cake to share.  Girly was not pleased that I had employed a helper that wasn’t her, but he had asked me long beforehand.  I love to teach my boys their way in the kitchen so they will never be hungry.  They might even be the cook in the family someday.

An afternoon of play (boys), work (me and Mr. Detail), and napping (Girly), we headed off on our walk to the pool.  It certainly wasn’t as refreshing as it was during the 104+ degree day stint, but we all had fun splashing, swimming and floating.  A good end to a full day.  Not packed full, running helter skelter from one activity to another.  But full.  Full of each other and activities we enjoy.  Enjoy together.  Every day is an adventure.  Some more than others, but this is what it is about.

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And if you are ever in Mid-Missouri, come check out Rothwell Park.  It is wonderful and full of opportunities.  Especially for the size of town it is in.


Any thoughts?

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