A Bit of Homeschooling Humor

Recently another homeschooling friend revealed that one reason that she was glad she homeschooled her kids was that she hates making lunches.  Yes!  I couldn’t agree more.  The one chore that I do before we make a road trip is make sandwiches, and pack carrot sticks and apples for everyone.  I dread that chore.  I’d rather pack 5 more suitcases.  Thankfully I only have to do it a few times a year instead of 180 days.  (And thank you to my dear mother who packed my lunch for that many days from my elementary days even into high school when I was crazy busy.)

The kids and I went to the library earlier this summer.  Before we left they were invited to eat a sack lunch there.  Apparently who ever does free lunches for kids in the schools provides free lunches at the library and 2 other locations in our town on Fridays at least.  In the sack lunch was a Smuckers Uncrustable, a container of yogurt, celery sticks, a cup of canned fruit cocktail with whipped cream on it, and a carton of chocolate milk.

1) I generally bake our bread.  I have a mill with which I grind the wheat berries.  I’m not trying to prove anything by this.  It’s just fun for me and I know the freshly ground wheat is more nutritious, but it’s what we do.  What we’re used to.  (We do buy bread occasionally, but always wheat–no hfcs, etc.)  Oh, and we use peanut butter that is–oh, my word–made from peanuts and salt.  That said, Uncrustables were a new experience for my three.  They were a bit hesitant, as a friend (a boy after my own food heart) had talked them way down to my kids a few weeks prior, but they did eat most of the sandwich.  B was the most surprising as he generally doesn’t care for PB & J.

2) The yogurt was the first thing gone for all three.

3) None of my kids are celery eaters.  Nor I.

4) As a child, I though canned fruit cocktail was the best.  By that I mean I loved the cherries in it.  The mushy grapes were edible and the pear and peach cubes were just a bit more exciting mixed versus when in the can alone.  But my kids are all about fresh fruit.  At the very least frozen.  Two will eat canned pineapple, although Little Man is pining for a fresh one since it looks so exotic and all.  I personally have pineappple-cuttting phobia.  So for my three the fruit cocktail was wasted after one bite.  The Girly didn’t even make it through one bite.

5) The best part was the carton of chocolate milk.  We make our chocolate milk here from chocolate syrup (either homemade or Trader Joe’s version for the record).  As you know, when you get it chocolate from the carton it is twice as chocolately.  So there was no problem in downing the milk, even though they all prefer soy or almond milk over cow’s milk.  But you should have seen Little Man opening the carton.  He dug into it wholeheartedly, like he does most things.  Wide open.  Both sides of the folds were completely pulled out and partially torn from his exuberance.   I joyfully commented outloud, “You can tell you are homeschooled by the way you opened the milk carton.”  (In his defense, we do open the half-gallons with the cap this way when they are gone–to get out the last drops and rinse them before recycling.  So he was just doing what he knew too.)

My comment instantly made me a new friend.  Another homeschooling mom.  I have her number and we recently talked at a local curriculum fair.  I love the connections that are made in such situations.  And the humor that fills us with the joy of being in charge of our children’s educations.


2 thoughts on “A Bit of Homeschooling Humor

  1. Strawberry Mama says:

    My kids are bafled by milk cartons, too. They have no experience with them.
    However, they LOVE junk food. Love it. Love. It. We do keep a little in the house, but it’s surely not common fare. But you would think I don’t feed them when they come in contact with something in a wrapper.It’s like a super duper treat.Which, I guess, is what it should be.
    I’m glad that you can see the humor in your kids’ “strangeness”. I know a lot of people would think they were horribly deprived by not sharing the common experiences. I think it’s a fair trade. 🙂

  2. hsmominmo says:

    Always fun learning new skills – like how to open milk containers properly, lol.
    My kiddos were not impressed with crustables. One child said they didn’t like ‘gumming’ their sandwich, it was kind of sqwishy.
    I make our own bread and yogurt too – I guess it’s all what we get used to.
    But now you all have fun memories/stories to share!

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