A Little Yellow Polka Dot Pantry

(It’s not huge, but it’s not teeny-weeny either.)

We finally emptied the pantry into some boxes and the little spare space in our kitchen cabinets so we could give it some love.  [My before pics are stuck on our dear Mac whose LCD display inverter is out.  (It works, but there is no light so the screen looks black.)]

Mr. Detail fixed the wonky side wall which jutted out funny.  Basically he drywalled and mudded it and made it look all pretty–like a regular wall in a regular closet space–which is what our pantry is.  (In a former life it was a laundry closet.)  I know it was really a lot more complicated and technical than that, but for all sakes and purposes I’m stopping there.  He put up trim on the inside of the frame of the closet and went to town on the shelves and the cleats that hold up the shelves while I worked on painting the walls.  First primer, then wall color, then trim and touch up.  Then came the fun part.  I made a stencil.  Out of cardboard.  About 4-inch diameter polka dots.  I wanted something simple, but no sharp edges or harsh lines.  So circles  won.  I drew them on by tracing a plastic cup.  I measured in between and made a somewhat even pattern of dots and cut them out with my Exacto knife.  Using my plan, which was technical, yet fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants at the same time, I traced my stencil on each side and the back of the pantry walls from the floor to about 12 inches down from the ceiling.  Then I got out my yellow paint.  The same paint used for the sunny pot rack.  And filled them in free-hand.  The partial circles are where the shelves will go across.  And yes. They aren’t straight.  I can draw very well, but drawing a straight line without a ruler is not my strong suit.  I wasn’t concerned with them being precise and exactly equal in size.  Some are a bit more oval, some are near-perfect circles, some are a bit funny, but I love them all.

In fact, our whole family is really loving the circles of sunshine that frame our pantry.


Oh, and how could I forget!?  Scott put in a new fixture.  There was no light near the pantry to see what there was to forage.  Now it is lovely.  I’ve noticed that light tends to stay on often.  I think it goes back to the whole family loving the new look–and they fact that they can see it.  So it’s kinda like a spotlight on a painting.

Or three spotlights.  Yes, before we headed to the pool, all three kiddos were hanging out at the pantry digging into the snacky stuff on the lower shelves.  With the light on, of course.


2 thoughts on “A Little Yellow Polka Dot Pantry

  1. sara lyn says:

    i seriously love, love, love this!!! you want to come to my house and give me some inspiration…or better yet – come help me finish sam’s room! i’ve got grass to paint today and a tree/clouds tonight! i could use your expert hand!

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