A Bit of Sunshine

The plain, white kitchen at the Holman Road House just got a bit of sunshine this weekend.

An old window that I bought for $15 (Too much, but I thought I’d help out this college student a bit.  I know.  I need to work on my haggling skills.), a bit of high gloss paint (Valspar Golden Castle, if you are into the specifics) that I bought for the table and hardware that Detail Man found at True Value for about $40.  Yes.  The  hardware was the most costly part of the project, but it’s not coming down and I am now able to fit my two waffle makers, griddle, and cake platter in the cabinet since it only has the stock pot and lids in there now.  I really miss the yellow cabinets in my Georgia kitchen and this piece makes me happy and at home whether I’m working the day away in there or just walking through.

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3 thoughts on “A Bit of Sunshine

  1. Leslie Seuser says:

    It makes me happy too!! I love the color and just seeing all of your pots and pans makes me imagine yummy dishes coming out of them. You don’t have it over your stove do you? Where is it hanging in the kitchen?

  2. sara lyn says:

    i have this same thing in mind for my “someday house”…so i’m glad to see a “real person” has made it and loves it. seriously – i love the bright yellow! my mom told me that was your mom’s color. hehe. whose ever – i love it! can’t wait to get to the midwest and see your new place!

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