The Holman Road House-Sleeping Rooms and more

The Aquafresh mini-master bathroom features a cultured marble sink/vanity in colors that could match our toothpaste–if we used Aquafresh. The mirror is simply a framed mirror that eventually I plan to paint and glaze to match Cora’s dresser then hang in her room. The photo was taken too late to show off the matching blue wallpaper patterned with sea fans and seashells. The corner shower is hiding across from the toilet. Since I rarely have taken a bath upon moving from my parents’ home 20 years ago (They have extra heat in the ceiling with the vent; it’s the only thing that makes baths bearable and enjoyable in my opinion.) I’m not sad that it is truly only a 3/4 bath. There is also significant shelf and cabinet storage behind the entry door. So, a coat of paint and new sink and vanity and some of Mr. Detail’s creative touches and this room will look like new–one day.

Master bedroom

Oh, joy!  The previous owner carried the aqua from the bedroom into the bath using the carpet.  The pale blue paint on the walls isn’t nearly so invasive, but until we have the money and the energy to put in hardwoods we will imagine it without.  If you have been in our Georgia house, you will know that this is a significant change in size for us.  It is probably 3 times as large as our bedroom there.  I love having two closets.  Mine is opposite the dresser in the back corner.  (By the way, have you ever seen a more beautiful dresser?  My daddy made that for me when I was little.  It is walnut with a cherry stain and is my most valuable piece of furniture because of sentiment and quality.)  The other closet is catty-corner from it, on the same wall as the bathroom door.  We will have to wire the room to have overhead lighting.  This couple was very into the trend where you wire the plug into the light switch and use lamps to light the room.  I, on the other hand, prefer to actually see.  Thankfully my dear father-in-law was an electrician–and his son has learned a lot along the way as well.

Hall bath

There simply are no words for this room other than it is not narrow and nearly claustrophobic like our previous one.  Birdhouse wallpaper, pink rose decals for the vanity and carpet.  I won’t say anything else.  And despite my issues with carpet not in my family, I slept on the floor here the first night we stayed here.  Little Man had a stomach virus.  When that happens he always camps out in the bathroom.  If he ever doubts my love for him, to this I will refer.

Boys' room

They are tolerating the flowery wallpaper.  I’m envisioning a pale yellowish green, perhaps a hue lighter than the lightest dots on their bedspreads.  Not sure I can get a consensus on that one.  Mr. Detail really wants all the walls to be the same–the same great color that we used in our bedroom, hallway, and family room in Georgia.  I just like color so much, I’m not sure I can hold to that.  But until the time comes I won’t debate.  Priscilla curtains are just not doing it for me in a boys’ room.  I’m picturing Roman shades in something like this.  And, of course, sans carpet.  One of the upcoming projects right after the pantry re-do will be children’s closet re-dos.  I’m one of those moms who believe strongly in teaching self-sufficiency, even with all the extra work required due to the learning curve.  Although a bench works for Little Man, Girly still can’t reach her dresses.  Oh and I’m picturing a night stand that is wider than that little telephone table, yet similar in that it won’t block the register.

Girly’s room will have to be featured separately, simply because she’s been asleep each time I took a picture.  Or I can simply describe it here.  It’s similar to the boys in size and shape, but only one window and the wallpaper is pink.  Really her room is the only room that the wallpaper remotely matches the rest of the decor.  Her closet is deeper and longer than the others.  (How lovely for a girl, huh?)  I’m planning to paint her dresser, which is a former buffet with the legs sawed shorter, a Tiffany blue and change or paint the hardware to a sparkly silver.  Can’t wait to have a block of time to devote to that.