The Holman Road House–upon entering

I’ve promised to post some pictures of our new-to-us home here in quiet Moberly, Missouri.  I’m doing it in sections, so welcome and enjoy.  And to those of you who have thought I always had a neat house, these will certainly show you I am a real person!  Getting settled is not conducive to everything being in it’s place.  Neither is the lack of a dishwasher.  But I’m not having anxiety attacks over it.  The handwashing of dishes has really helped the boys to pitch in and help.

Entering through the front door

The coat closet is straight ahead (along with our random shoes that we leave off inside) and there is a built in shelf that divides the entry from the living room.  On the other side of it is a bookcase.  This will be revised/updated in the future.

The living room entering from the front door (looking to your right).

We are back to using our Target entertainment table since the one in Georgia was a built-in.  The student desk needs a new home, but is a coat rack sometimes serves as a coat rack for the time being.  Oh, and our lampshades cracked and crumbled with the cold temps and there isn’t much overhead lighting.

The living room as seen from the dining area

Drapes were removed.  They matched the valance, but had flowers.  I’m planning to recover the valances with something new and keep the sheers for now. Isn’t the carpet color lovely? (a faded greenish-blue)


The dining area as seen from the living room.

There are bookshelves on that left wall and shelving at the end.  The previous owner had glass doors on the shelving for some display, but I have no collection to show off other than cookbooks, so I took off the doors.  I put a tiered table (formerly my nightstand and then a toy table) under the bookshelves to hold napkins and trivets.  You can peek into the kitchen from here also.

To the downstairs

You can also head straight from the front entry to get to the stairs.  The doorway that is barely seen on the right is to the kitchen.  It is straight across from the doorway that goes into the dining room.  On the left is the pantry.

The pantry.

Only 3 shelves were in it.  Scott is going to give it a makeover when he finishes the project which is under time constraint (because it must be inspected).  So for now I have it organized, but my extra stuff is basically stacked neatly on the floor thus looking very cluttered.  In the end it will be beautiful–as far as pantries go.


4 thoughts on “The Holman Road House–upon entering

  1. mahra says:

    Looks very much like home. I can’t wait to see more pictures as you get settled in and give it your own touch. I love the big windows in the living room. I’m so happy you are all together now. : )

    • alisapage484 says:

      I *love* the windows in the LR. So much light comes in. I took the big, heavy drapes down and the sun warms the room. We’ll see how it is in summer, but I love the sun all year around.

  2. Carol says:

    Wow – I’ll be looking forward to seeing it with your stamp on it, Alisa. Two comments: That’s a whole lotta paneling. And Pantries are often beautiful!

    • alisapage484 says:

      Don’t you like my paneling, Carol? Ha! I don’t. We had paneling in our den/family room in Georgia. Our kitchen too. We painted it. Made a mistake in the kitchen, which we did first, of trying to fill in the grooves. It’s a waste of time. It’s easier to paint it as is. It gives it a bit of a cottage-y look/feel. I liked it. I have a pretty eclectic decorating style (as you probably can imagine), so it worked. Scott is feeling like replacing it with drywall rather than paint it this time. I don’t feel strongly one way or the other so that’s probably what we’ll do. The paneled wall (with nothing on it) in the kitchen will eventually be taken down (when we re-do the kitchen in some years) to open it up. We’ll put an island there instead. And yes. One of those beautiful pantries is what I want. A combo of a bunch I pinned in Pinterest. I’m even thinking some bright color on the walls. Scott’s not excited about that part. He wants to go neutral on the walls throughout the house. But a sunny yellow or orange in the pantry sounds lovely to me. Or a shade of green perhaps.

Any thoughts?

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