The Holman Road House-kitchen

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room

Since this was taken, I took down the cherry wallpaper and the nails where the apron and duster were hanging.

Oven side of U-shaped kitchen

As you enter the kitchen from the dining area, the stove/oven is to the right.  I’m not feeling the love of a glass top stove.  It seems to take a long time for water to boil.  Nor white countertops–or cabinets for that matter.  But it’s all good.  It just gives me more things to daydream about while working in my kitchen.  Besides the U-shape makes it very efficient.  Except when I have more than one helper.  But I’m thankful for the help, so we make it work.  Oh, and the jars of legumes on the counter did not fit into the pantry.  You will see in the next picture my solution.

The window over the sink

Currently there isn’t much of a view unless it has snowed.  (Mostly it is just the roof of the porch and carport area below.)  Eventually we will remove that and add a mudroom attached to a garage.  I organized the cabinets so that when there is a dishwasher added (to the right of the sink) it will be easy to put them away–even if it will be 10 years or more.  Notice the legume jars on the shelves by the sink.

To the left of the sink

All my kitchen accessories are cluttering the counter–because I use them all at least once a week.  Most of them more than that.  The kids love the fridge–because it has water and ice in the freezer door and they can easily reach it.

Our lovely microwave stand sets opposite of the kitchen sink

I’m looking for around for something to serve as a table or cart for the microwave. The green tape outlines the size of a bookcase (a china cabinet in a former life), but our microwave is too big for it.  So for now the stack of boxes of books (from Scott’s former Kindergarten classroom) temporarily upholstered with a tablecloth that I don’t use (from staging our Georgia house) works like a charm and the kids can easily reach it and be self-sufficient.  I don’t think House Beautiful will be doing a photo shoot on it, but I’m okay with that.  Also, you can see the wallpaper glue on the paneling that I’m still in the process of removing.

Proof that my humble kitchen works just fine

The boys and I watched several episodes of Cupcake Wars while staying with Scott’s parents.  We all were ready to make some of our own and they were winners even though the ingredients weren’t all that unusual.  They were orange-Cointreau cupcakes with an icing made with yogurt, butter, orange juice, Cointreau and powdered sugar.  Sprinkles and an orange garnish.  They were gone the morning after.


4 thoughts on “The Holman Road House-kitchen

  1. mahra says:

    I have shelves on the sides of my kitchen sink like that too. They look really cool with the jars of legumes. Will you keep them there? I am excited to see updates of your remodeling. I wouldn’t like a glass stove top either. I mean it must be so easy to keep clean but I wouldn’t like cooking on it.

    • alisapage484 says:

      I might just keep them there. I’m not a knick-knack person, so I don’t know what I’d put there even if I put the legumes in the pantry. And I use them fairly often so they are in a convenient spot. I’d consider putting pictures, like framed snapshots there if there was plenty of pantry room, but the glass on photos is harder to keep clean than jars that I can just wipe with a dishcloth. So I’ll have to think about that.

  2. Carol says:

    Alisa – what an efficient kitchen! I’m sure you’ll love it. When we moved, I got a glass topped stove; I was a little leery, but now I love it. One whole side didn’t warm well, but that was due to the age of the stove. I love it because of the cleanliness factor and also the fact that it’s a bit like additional countertop. Perhaps you’ll like it more as time goes by . . .

    • alisapage484 says:

      I like that I can wipe it right off. I don’t like that it is smeary after wiping–like you can see the water marks. Maybe it’s the particular stove that I don’t like. Although my in-laws have one and I didn’t love cooking on it either. But like you said maybe as time goes by and I get used to the way it works. Ultimately I’d like a gas cooktop, but that is down the road. I do like that I have a stove that works. I was being critical, but not exactly complaining. 😉

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