Smoky Mountains-Adventure 3

Not officially in the park, but we’re still in the area of the Smokies. . .

Yesterday it was rainy and chilly.  After picking up a charger for my camera battery, we started our third adventure.  And adventure it truly was.  Especially for Aunt L and I.

Tuckaleechee Caverns is a very intriguing cave full of rock formations and waterfalls.  What they don’t tell you before they sell you the tickets to the tour is that it also involves about 440 steps over a mile.  Girly rode on my back in my Ergo for about half the tour and then I had to switch her to the front (akin to being pregnant again, except she weighs more than I ever gained pregnant!) so her head would clear the rock!  Between that and having a fear of heights, my legs were Jello by the end.  I won’t even comment on my lack of being in shape.  I’ll just say that I do have quads.  I just forgot about them.

Neither of us took our cameras inside the caverns, but the story of how they were discovered and opened to the public is neat.  You can also read more about the formations in the caves.


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