Trains in Tennessee

This summer my aunt and uncle bought a house in the Smokies.  Four hours away from our home.  This is the closest we’ve lived to family in 14 years.  Mr. Detail even had the opportunity to drive up and help them out with move-in.  After 2 months living apart from Mr. Detail (oh, how we miss him!!), we have been blessed with a fabulous vacation/break/visit all in one.  We drove up on Sunday to visit my dear aunt and learn more about the Smoky Mountains at the same time.  (My uncle is still working in the Midwest.)   We have had sooo much fun and have thoroughly enjoyed our down time.

Yesterday after exploring Cade’s Cove, we stopped at a train museum just a few miles away.  The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum was a delight.  Small but full of history and some train cars outside along with space for the kids to run.  B loves trains.  (At times I might think the word “obsessed” is more appropriate, but he can usually keep himself in check.)  He had a fabulous time.

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