Little Man Is Now 6!

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3 thoughts on “Little Man Is Now 6!

  1. mahra says:

    Did you make that cake????? And is Scott watching on the laptop? How adorable. I love the smile on his face in the picture with the Legos and the silly face with the shirt. Happy Birthday to the Little Man!

    • alisapage484 says:

      I did. I love making cakes–for my friends and family. I took a cake decorating class when I was 12 and haven’t stopped doing it since. And yes. Scott’s watching on the laptop. Nothing like being able to carry your hubby around in MacBook form. LOL (Seriously, I’d much rather have the real thing around.)

  2. sara lyn says:

    seriously love that cake! you might have to give me some tips when i see you again. 🙂 i’ve thought about a cake decorating class lots of times…ha, i’m still thinking about it! love that scott could at least be there in macbook form. 🙂

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