Slowly but Surely

A lot has has happened since my last post, but I’ll save that for another post.  Meanwhile, we are painting–a lot.  Today’s agenda:  the hallway.  Priming it.  I don’t normally prime walls, but I thought it was necessary in this case.  That gave the boys a chance to give me a hand.  It was welcomed and although I was a bit apprehensive about allowing them to help for that well known reasoning that sometimes letting your children help you is actually a lot more work, they stepped up and did a fabulous job.  We even finished before The Girly woke from her nap!

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3 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely

  1. Scott Howen says:

    Fantastic! I wish I could have been there, bound and gagged incognito, to see our boys at work and to see the “finished” product.

  2. alisapage484 says:

    You know, Scott-E, that’s why I didn’t mention I was going to let them help until they were doing it. Because you would’ve had to been bound and gagged. LOL B really wanted to paint and I remember being little and watching Mom and Dad painting and longing to do it. It looks so fun. (And actually it is, despite the time constraints I’m doing it in, I rather enjoy the task itself.) I couldn’t say no.

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