Our Everday Activity

The boys started swimming lessons last week.  Their first ever.  We should have done it some years earlier, but we didn’t.  Yet we found an awesome swim school right here in Athens and the progress, particularly B, has made in four lessons is astounding.  Simply astounding.  He is trying so hard to conquer his fear.  I am so proud of him.  Little Man is doing well also.  He’s a little fish and happy to comply with his teacher, but his confidence was already well in place with water, so one can’t compare.

Our fellow walking neighbor graciously gave us an open invitation to her pool, about a 10 minute walk from our house, this summer.  The everyday practice has only increased their confidence levels.  Little Man mainly enjoys just splashing around, jumping in over and over, and generally having fun.  B, true to character, plays a little, but always is sure to practice what he has learned in his lessons that (or the previous) morning.

The Girly has joined us more than several times as well.  She certainly has taken to the water.  Last year, this same girl only wanted to be held in the water, hated her safe life jacket that we purchased for her, and was rarely content during our times at the pool.  This year we got her a swim belt (one of the standard “tools” that the boys’ teachers have them use to increase their confidence and ability to learn–the other two are a kick board and fins.) and she enjoys dog paddling around the pool.  (Don’t worry.  I stay right next to her or behind her the entire time.  I’ve read too many stories.)

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2 thoughts on “Our Everday Activity

  1. mahra says:

    Congratulations to your son for facing his fear! That’s great to hear (hey I’m Dr. Seuss). That is a really cool looking frog. I like the coloring. And I love your girly’s hair accessory, a fish, for swimming class. You’re amazing. : )

  2. sara lyn says:

    woohoo for swim lessons!! LOVE that they are taking to the water…water is too wonderful not to take to! 🙂 i’ve had sam in the water a few times already…i think he’s going to be a fish like his mama. 🙂

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