From This

To this!

And this was only the beginning of his success.  He’s starting and stopping on his own (without the bike falling over, etc.), ready for the flat roads (in comparison to the Piedmont of Georgia) in the Midwest.

Little Man has what some refer to as a “strong-willed” personality.  I like to think of him as persistent.  But that means it goes both ways.  Back in the fall, after B learned to ride without training wheels, Little Man figured it out not wanting to fall behind his older brother.  It didn’t last though.  I’m not sure what happened, but he refused to ride until his training wheels were returned.  It was as if he had decided he didn’t want to do it and therefore was not.  We told him he couldn’t ride on our family walks until he rode without training wheels thinking he would be encouraged to learn.  (We were wrong.)  We pretty much had to tell him that it was time and he was going to do it.  He went through about 12 hours of a funk and refusal–even after enticing him with the purchase of a donut, one of his favorite treats.  And then something in his brain relaxed and let him go ahead with the plan and then that light bulb clicked.  And we all cheered.