Re-fashioned: Womens Top to Toddlers Maxi-dress

So the maxi-dress is not totally practical for a toddler, but I must say it’s super cute and The Girly avoided any major falls/trips on the playground at church.

I picked out this top at the aforementioned clothing swap for me, initially thinking I didn’t like it, but then deciding I might be able to make it work for me.  Well, that was a far-fetched thought.  Not only was this button-front, lightweight, knit top with oddly colored striped not working, but it was pathetic.  The colors that were odd for a grown woman, though, I decided would be quite fun on a two-year old.  So I used the same idea that I did for re-fashioning a button-front, long-sleeved shirt and left the length so as not to break up the stripes.  Added a hook at the back above the tie.  And voilà!

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