First Project of the Summer-Day 1

A new front walkway is in order here.  The tree roots are breaking the brick and mortar, not to mention the sidewalk is really too narrow and doesn’t even meet up to the porch.  This is mainly Mr. Detail’s project, but I put in my fair share also and wanted to show off as we make progress.  The next step won’t look as good in pictures.  There is a layer of plastic beneath the sand that needs to be removed to help with drainage (another reason for the demolition) and along with that some root removal.

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2 thoughts on “First Project of the Summer-Day 1

  1. alisapage484 says:

    The boys did a lot of work really. They used their dump trucks to haul bricks and stack them. They shoveled fill dirt into wheelbarrows. Filled mortar chunks into their trucks and dumped them into buckets. Shoveled mulch. Obviously they took breaks and played, but they were a big help. We never told them they had to, but welcomed what they were willing to do. Girly also helped copying what she saw her brothers doing. She loved watching her daddy most of all.

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