Remember Legwarmers?

Recently I found several “new” summer pajamas for The Girly in the attic.  So they are all short-sleeved.  Fine, but The Girly doesn’t keep a blanket over her arms and between the ceiling fan, which is directly overhead, and the closed back bedroom that remains extra cool with the air on, her arms get cool.  So I dress her in long sleeves for bed even in the summer.  I decided to make her some “arm warmers”
for sleeping so she could wear her cute summer pj’s, be comfortable before bed, and be cozy while she sleeps.  I found an old pinkish, purplish knit top and made these from it.  She put them on with her clothes the other day.  (Notice how color coordinated she is in that the food–bluberries–she spilled on her tank top match her skirt.)  She was playing keep away from the camera, so this is the best I have for you.

Recently I also made some throw pillows out of some beautiful Indian print napkins that my in-laws (who are always watching out for something special for each one of us) gifted us.  Gorgeous napkins.  I didn’t want to get them stained, which happens very quickly around here.  (Yes.  We use cloth napkins at every meal.)  And after I tried them for just one ungreasy meal, they proved to be non-wrinkle-free.  So I got my way times two.  No grease-stained pretty napkins that I’d have to iron and pretty pillows.  They have browns, tans, and a touch of gold in them that really added to our comforter which is tan on one side and brown on the other.  I love it, but it needed something else.  Of course, they don’t make it on the bed everyday, but when they do they make me happy.  Now all I need is a fresh coat of paint on the walls–which is coming soon.


One thought on “Remember Legwarmers?

  1. sara lyn says:

    THIS is exactly what i needed to see!!!!! i’ve been throwing around SO many ideas for pillows for our couch…and this is perfect! i couldn’t find the “right” fabric, but i have seen some cloth napkins that i really like! woohoo! thanks for solving that for me! (btw, can you tell i’m catching up on your blog? i lost the address, but got it again when you posted on mine. hehe!)

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