Teaching Imaginative Play

M is trying to teach The Girly about imaginative play.  She is pushing her dolly stroller with the dolly in it, carrying a bag full of water guns and who knows what else, because who knows when you might need an empty water gun.  M is walking along side of her attempting to direct her.

M explains, “I am your husband.  Since you’re pushing the stroller, I’ll carry the bag.”

The Girly, in true 2 year old fashion replies, “Mo! (No!) Mine!”

M persists patiently avoiding The Scream.  Girly finally walks off to brush her teeth.


One thought on “Teaching Imaginative Play

  1. Leslie says:

    We had a similar scenario today. A was trying to push the stroller and Am was screaming. I tried to convince her that A could be the daddy (just like her Daddy pushes the stroller). I think, though, she was concerned for the safety of her babies. I don’t blame her. What Mama lets her babies be zoomed at top speeds up and down the hall? 🙂

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