The Girly Is Two!

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3 thoughts on “The Girly Is Two!

  1. mahra2 says:

    Happy Birthday to Cora! I love the pictures. What a great picture of when she was first born. Are you sure you gave birth to her? You look all calm and put together in that picture, not like you just gave birth. And I love the pink cowboy boots. Good for you for letting her wear them. I love the crazy get-ups Maggie has started to put together. Having a girl is so much fun (just like having a boy is so much fun, just different fun).

  2. alisapage484 says:

    Oh, I’m sure. I remember that day like yesterday. M’s birth was super calm. The Girly’s was pretty calm, but a bit faster. It was an awesome birth. My midwife was so amazing. My doula was fabulous. And The Hubby was wonderful. I love birth. I’d actually love to do it again, but that means I’d have 4 kids. And I just can’t handle that many. But I love the birth experience. So instead, I’m planning to become a doula. I’ve attended one birth not my own and wow. . . . nothing like it.

  3. Mahra says:

    That’s awesome that you are going to become a doula. Why not a midwife? (not that there’s anything wrong with being a doula.)

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